About Us

Technology is one of the most rapidly increasing market in the world and in a very short span it has become a multi-Billion Dollar industry around the globe. Moreover, with the passage of time, the technology has been revolutionized and so is the everyday life with it. Technology is showing wonders in every aspect of the life whether that be the usage of cars, your everyday home operations or communication medians from one corner of the world to the other. You name anything that comes to your mind and the technology is playing its role there. Now, with the rapid growth of this tech world, there has been a lot of opportunities for those willing to make money and also for people like us who wants to make the lives of everyone better by the use of same technology. So, we a group of enthusiasts is going to cover this amazing tech world for you.

At Technicdroid we are going to bring you some amazing things from the World of gadgets and make them more familiar with you. Our goal is to use our Blog as the median to bring all we could from the Smart world and take it to your screens. Our point of focus will be following topics, but you can always ask for any topic and count on us to bring you the best response on it. Move on to the topics we will be starting to focus on now, and it will keep on expanding as the time passes.

Google Play Store

About UsGoogle Play store is the biggest online hub for the Android apps out there and within a short span, it has become home to billions of amazing games and apps. Moreover, there are also some amazing tools available there that helps you in your everyday operations. So, we will be bringing you some of the most amazing news about the game and apps, and we will guide you about their gameplay or usage respectively. Our goal is to bring the latest tools and apps on your screen and make sure that you get to know about them from our Blog. So, if you are a user of the Android phone and love reading about latest apps and games then TechnicDroid is the perfect place for you to spend some time reading on.

Android emulator

About UsAn emulator is a program that emulates a virtual environment of something that doesn’t physically exists in the game. Moreover, with the passage of time, the developers used the same concept and brought that on our smart gadgets as well. First of all, the emulators were used by the developers to test their Android software on Windows devices only. But as the time passes they came to realize that it can be used to simulate the whole Android OS on Windows and MAC OS. So, they started to develop android emulators that made it possible to use the Android OS on the Windows without any technical knowledge. Users love this concept and now there are dozens of Android Emulators that let you run Android on Windows. So, we will guide you on How to use these emulators on PC. Moreover, we will also guide you on How to Download Android Games On PC using these android emulators.